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This is the real dregs of a team we are putting out, of which 5 are out injured, and we literally have youngsters filling the bench. It's saying something when you start to miss Broadfoot, McCulloch and Lafferty.

This bank is really constricting us, we can't keep our players and we really are starting to see it now.

A decent Rangers team, even the one that made the Uefa Cup Final a few years back would have walked over this Celtic team tonight. They are shite, they really are, we have just come to the end of the rope with everything, money, amount of games, injuries etc

No excuses, we should still be going for the win, and the football is shockingly poor at times, this 4-5-1 long ball shite is really doing my head in, but we can't lose focus on how much the situation at the club currently really is effecting our team.

Look at what was fielded today, and how we played, compared to the same formation, but with a different mindset, and players against say Valencia (who we could have beat 4/5-0), I said at the start of the season, as everyone has, when injuries hit us this season, we'll really start to feel it, especially after Miller leaving.

We need money input and soon, or it's going to keep getting worse, eventually we'll not be able to get anyone in and have to field the youth team all over the place, what happens when Davis, Bougherra, McGregor, Whittaker's contracts run out and we can't offer them more money?

Eitherway, we need to fucking win this league and show them that even stretched to the limit, we can beat them and take the league, in true Rangers, no surrender fashion.

Let them have the cup, it was only a hinderance to the fixture pile up anyway.

Three in a row (tu)

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