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Let's tell It like It Is!


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If David Leggat (Leggoland) is correct and there was an independent witness to the unsavoury scenes in the tunnel after the 2 – 2 Scottish Cup draw with Celtic at Ibrox, then why were the police not invited to investigate immediately.

If, as suggested, the abuse meted out to Diouf and Weiss by certain Celtic players (and staff) was racially motivated then the matter MUST be vigorously pursued, and if a prima facie case is established, formal charges MUST be made.

For too long now our Board, our Chief Executive, Martin Bain and our manager, Walter Smith have remained diplomatically silent while the wildest of accusations and spurious allegations made by Celtic FC (and others) have been allowed to take root UNCHALLENGED.

When are we going to learn that diplomatic silences and our (rather feeble) attempts to hold the ‘moral high ground’ are failing miserably?

While we are silent, Celtic FC fill the resultant void with their bitter and twisted bile, while the print and broadcast media are quite content to ‘tow’ their line and continue to print their distortions and lies.

When Rangers eventually responded to the Regan and Liewell rants during the week, it was to express disappointment in our players and to – rather meekly – indicate that some Celtic players and staff may have behaved badly after the 2 – 2 Cup draw at Ibrox.

As I have said above, if there is evidence of serious misuse and abuse by Celtic players, let’s say so! If these incidents directly contributed to the incidents at Parkhead on Wednesday night then let’s say so honestly and openly.

Do you really think they would have remained silent if the boot were on the other foot?


We now move rapidly forward to the now ‘infamous’ joint meeting between the two Clubs, the SPL/SFA; Strathclyde Police, and the revered ‘good uncle’, Alex Salmond. A meeting that will, undoubtedly, take place ‘in camera’ and will unquestionably end in a slap on the wrist for both Clubs, while ignoring the core issues. These issues that have not, simply, developed over the past few weeks, but have been boiling steadily since Celtic’s conspiracy allegations following the incident at Tannadice and their unprecedented attacks upon the match officials.

Indeed, their perfidy goes back many seasons, as does the lame responses of the SPL/SFA.

We should not forget that these recent incidents take place against the backcloth of the SPL/SFA’s ‘get tough with Celtic’ policy following their unprecedented criticism of referees; Lennon’s infantile, aggressive and abusive behaviour toward almost everyone and, of course, their allegations of a grand conspiracy against their wronged and embattled Club.

Whilst I DO NOT advocate a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction by our Club, I demand that our ‘side’ of this sorry story be presented openly, forcefully and comprehensively. Where evidence of unlawful behaviour and abuse exists it should be handed to the police for investigation, and we should be adamant and tenacious in our representations to the SPL/SFA.

If we are to be accused of misbehaviour on the pitch, then they must be shown for the miscreants they undoubtedly are, and their utterly unacceptable behaviour both on and off the pitch since the beginning of the season challenged and punished appropriately.

No more ‘pussyfooting’ about – tell it like it is Rangers!

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we could shout from the rooftops at every opportunity but we would look petty and sad like that lot, theres a time and a place and its all gonna come to a head, there more against the rangers than comments frok that scum lot and we will come through all off this on top im sure, you can only corner an animal for so long

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