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Snoods banned from 1st July

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Wow that was the most important thing they had to deal with?

What about a man who is supposed to be a manager who gets away with racially abusing opposition players?

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I think it's gay as fuck but I don't see the need to ban it

If ur cold yer cold. I wear the winter body armour thing when I play 5's nowadays, Its fucking spot on. I couldn't imagine not wearing one now in colder weather now.

As I say snoods (td)

Body armour (tu)

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If only they dealt with touchline technology, refereeing, promoting football... improving the game around the World, as quick as they got together, discussed, sweated about it and came to a conclusion that a glorified scarf should be banned from football.

Sepp Blatter for you, clueless, hopeless, a shite-bag, ruining football.

I do agree though, snoods are for poofs!

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