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where is this kick up this arse ive been hearing about ?


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i hear people saying after a game we lose or draw that it will be the kick up the arse we need to make changes and learn from the mistakes

nothing has changed yet . constantly inviting pressure , unable to make five yard passes and no movement , and nobody bar 2 or 3 player on that pitch look comfortable on the ball .

we make things to difficult for ourselfs . its getting beyond a joke now

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ffs Bears ... 9 players out?

ffs bear....... 8 internationals starting . And surely players who aren't considered regulars with a point to prove !


40 million spent and IMO our ability to play football has declined in the time smith has been here . A squad of which the majority have been together for a couple of seasons , and yet they play like a bunch of strangers from a local playing field .

Fucking terrible .

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Maybe the kick up the arse is needed for the management and not the players?

Same shite new day, still no change.

Alstone had a cracking quote which I'll shamefully steal but he deserves the credit :

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Sums our management up well, imo.

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