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European away trips


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Always like to hear about peoples tales of following the gers , so here's one of mine !

Barcelona v rangers 2007/8

Me and my brother were off on our travels with 20000 other rangers fans ( biggest following in Europe ) with 16 others from our home town.

It was cheaper to go from Glasgow to Dublin then onto Barcelona so when we arrived in dublin we were all a but sceptical of arriving with the usual attire !

We took the 25ft flag that accompanies us and we were looking for a good opportunity to get it out but we were all shitting it from fear of getting arrested ( fuck knows why)

After a few more bevvies we decided to get the flag out and give it the loudest sing song of follow follow dublin airport had ever heard

We got the odd " fuck you " but we were flying the flag with the chests puffed out and we could have taken on anyone and not given a fuck !

A few dozen bears all came bouncing out the woodwork taking off their jackets/jumpers to get in on the sing song and we marched down to the terminal to get the plane doing the bouncy along the way !

We got there the night before the game and quickly dumped our bags in the hotel and jumped down to les rambles which was awash with bears everywhere!

It was a sea of red White and blue!

First pub we went into there were 3 boys playing the flute and the place was jumping and all the spaniards behind the bar were whacking bottles and bin lids to make it sound louder !

After about an hr we had to move on as we had drunk the place dry...honestly they told us to move on as there was no more drink!

We ended up going into another bar where we bumped into John smeaton who was lapping up the acclaim of kicking fuck out the terrorists !

I managed to slip away down a wee back street to get a sooker off an Asian hooker on a set of stairs before staggering down the road

Day of the game my brother and I were walking up to les rambles again hungover as fuck and I spotted someone waving at me!

We both had on the gers tops and I said to my brother " that looks like Alex mcleish waving at us "

My brother told me to shut the fuck up but it was.

He obviously saw the gets tops and wanted to talk to us when he was walking with his wife.

I asked him if he was heading our way and he laughed and said " wish I could mate but I couldn't take the wife up to that warzone you boys are enjoying "

He was brand new , a real gentleman !

We got to the bottom of les rambles and we felt proud as fuck seeing the mass following we had, we virtually overtook the full city , it was something I've never saw until that and then Manchester

It' was a great day until we went to the game and got pumped but apart from that we had a great time and a trip I'll never forget !

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10 euro and I thought I got a bargain !

My mate went too (not the same time ) and next day he told me the hooker had stole his wallet with 450 euro and 4 match tickets in them

The travel club had to give him other tickets luckily for him and for my 3 mates

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went to barcelona also mate was a great trip i took the missus for her birthday but we stayed down in loret de mar before the match i also booked a hotel in barcelona for after the game as loads of other bears did. loret and all the way down the coast was full of bears every bar you walked by or hotel all you could hear was the sash and other rangers songs, rangers colours every where.magic day of the match we travelled up early that morning and couldnt believe our eyes when we got to las ramblas thousands of bears. ended up drinking with about 20 to 30 scousers what a laugh then onto the square where it was bedlam lol. we set off to the camp nou early doors as she was a wee bit wary. anyway went down to get on the metro and it was like the clockwork orange back in ibrox as soon as it pulled into the station the whole train was doing the bouncey superb.this was 4 hours before the kick off the looks on the spanish polis when we got to the stop for the camp nou was priceless as we came up the stairs belting out the billy boys.once in the camp nou we had seats 1row in front of the big screen in the barca end looking across to the main body of gers fans what a sight it was. and when the teams came out i thought to my self you have waited since 1972 to be in this icon of a stadium watching the famous glasgow rangers as i was to young in 1972 to go to the cup winners cup final. and to cap it off we met peter mcloy and sandy jardine in the airport who showed us the cup that we won back then. :uk: p.s first time in 25 years i took the missus with me to europe and i have never been so sober at a game lol :21: w.a.t.p

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My last trip was Villareal, Amsterdam bound tomorrow. I'm fucking buzzing. I never even drank at Villareal, or any of the ones before, so this will be my first REAL experience of Europe away. :sherlock:

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There's a member oan here went wae a hooker in Stuttgart, and he left his wallet wae one of his mates for safekeeping.

Anyway, he's banging away for ages and canny finish so the hooker says tae him that she wants more money.

" ***** got ma wallet" he says tae her!

As if she's gonny fuckin ken who **** is!

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My last trip was Villareal, Amsterdam bound tomorrow. I'm fucking buzzing. I never even drank at Villareal, or any of the ones before, so this will be my first REAL experience of Europe away. :sherlock:

enjoy the dam goat been there a few times stopped off there going to denmark for the lingby game also went the night gazza got sent off against ajax. and been to a couple of stag weekends, its dear as fuck now though especially the hookers lol compared to what it was when it was guilders.heres hoping we get a good result to bring back to ibrox. w.a.t.p

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I've gotta be honest and say Barca was in my bottom 5 trips

Stadium was shit and the place was full of thieving bastards

I won't be rushing back there

Aye. Not impressed. I've been to Barcelona a few times too for weekends during the summer and enjoyed it more but as far as the football trip went, I thought it was a bit shit.

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I went to Amsterdam when we played az alkmaar

Great day out until the game

Police were all over us everywhere we went and took our carry out

We got pumped in the game in their shitey little stadium and the only consolation was when I got onto the supporters bus I ate 2 space cakes I got in the dam and fell asleep and woke up in dover !

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