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Tims and facts


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In the hairdressers this morning for my going away convict hairdo :craphead: and i hear the barber next to me and the guy whos hair he is cutting talking about EHD.

Now one says "aye hez pyoor h8ted in england an aw at coz ae broke a guyz leg an en told um ae get up n aw at"

Now the 2 "guys" were talking ofcourse about Jamie Mackie and his leg break v blackburn

Now what happened was Mackie steamed in like a fucking idiot and came off worse. Diouf was screaming at him for trying to injure his team mate in the 1st place, but no these tims have the "facts" I cant stand the foosty bastards.

Here is the tackle

Notice how EHD becomes a white guy :sherlock:

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