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With all the media feeding frenzy going on re:- the OF, I,d just like to put my tuppence worth in to see what anyone else thinks.

First, the bad news:- Rangers cannot(or are afraid to) use the dirt they have on Lennon because it would destroy Scottish football completely. If we can,t sell Rangers now what chance do we have if we don,t even have a league to play in? If Celtic go down I,m sure they would pull everyone down with them.So Rangers must keep quiet.

Second. The past few years Celtic have been trying to cosy up to Blatter, Platini and UEFA?FIFA generally.

Trying to sneak into bed with the big guys and do Rangers down at the same time. This time last year I would have said they were succeeding, but the winds of change are blowing now.

The world had finally had enough of Blatter and his corrupt regime. It is my belief(and it is only my belief, no evidence)that there will be changes being discussed in private. Blatter and his friends will soon be a bad memory and Celtic will be seen to have backed the losers. At that point Rangers will produce

the final nail in Celtics coffin.Well I can dream, can,t I?

Third, Does anyone remember a few years ago when MON put the boot into Rangers aided and abetted by a well known Glasgow journalist? There was an internal E-mail from Parkhead complaining that "our esteemed managers mouth has dropped us in the sh1t". This somehow found its way into the papers.

It was not long after that that MONS wifes illness required him to retire from football. The illness is genuine, she has had cancer for years but (like Lennons death threats) they seem to occur at a most convenient time for Celtic. Remember the circus we had when MON had his last game in the cup final and went up the stairs on his own to collect the cup. At that point the legend of the Blessed St. Martin was born and his "embarrassing mistakes" were all but buried.

Whats the betting that something similar is being hatched at Celtic at the minute? Lennon has become a disaster for them. Scottish football in general and Celtic in particular have become a joke in world football. Lennon has to go (like MON)but to sack him would be admitting he is guilty so he will "be driven out of football by the Rangers bigots". And so the Legend that is Lennie is born.

Any other X Files script writters have any "bigoted paranoia" to keep the internet spies searching?

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I think you are not far wrong, reid and the likes of brian wilson are definitely abusing the power they have politically and are covering up a multitude of sins, supressing news of celtic misdemeanours by management and staff in the leading national newspapers and other media outlets. Something definitely stinks and if Rangers have the guts they could clear the rancid air that has become Scottish Football, made rancid by a corrupt and anti-British terrorist sympathising club. A club whose fans have no respect for our War Dead and who thumb their noses at them annually. They make my skin crawl ! :sherlock:

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I agree about there being a breakaway from FIFA

The clubs at the top will surely be looking to form another body

In a smaller scale it's like the BDO of darts and the PDC has been set up and is moving stronger than the other

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