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NBM! A shambolic waste of money?


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Just had this emailed to me, apparently this is doing the rounds amongst bears!

These are exmaples from NBM's website of sectarianism in Scotland

JB ( aged 45): ” I went to a birthday party at someone’s house last summer, when the cake came out they sang the up to your knees in fenian blood song instead of the more traditional happy birthday. I haven’t been back. ”

CHLOE: Sectarianism is one of the worst things to happen to us since Global Warming because it leads to murder and things like that. We need to get Glasgow off the map for being the murder capitol of the World!

There was almost a street party a few years ago when the first Catholic was elected as the President of our local golf club. It was such a novelty for a golf club in the west of Scotland. Don’t even get me started on Bowling clubs!”

Come on to fuck is this seriously what that shambles of an orginisation is really about?

The part i have bolded is fucking hillarious! I have been to some right rowdy birthday parties but one where TBB is sang. Someone needs to get me to an invite to one of those bad boys.

So there you have it, we have TBB at parties, sectarian break ins at Shellick players houses, the bouncy is jumping on kafliks heads, the hokey cokey is bigoted, we hate green peperami and egss benedict is banned at Ibrox! Oh aye and we cut the pitch to ressemble a sash.

What a great way to spend public money

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In theory a good idea, but one which was quickly hijacked by the mhanky mob and has become part of the problem, not part of the solution. The day NBM call for an end to sectarian schooling, I might take them seriously.

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