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Dubai Masters


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Anyone watch the Dubai Masters Football?

Rangers, Celtic, Liverpool and Man U

Don't know if this has been posted before.

I watch some of it but missed the last few games. Rangers really missed McCoist and McCall

Rangers Squad was :-

Nicky Walker

Scott Nisbet

Dave McPherson

Rod Wallace

Robert Prytz

Robert Fleck

Mark Walters

Arthur Numan

Gordon Durie

Nice to see Wallace and Numan playing for us, in what was their first ventures into Masters football

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Good to see Numan play, he must still be super fit.

Could probably still be playing for us now!

Looked in really good shape and probably could, he was probably fittest player I saw in it but even he struggled with the heat, for some reason they played outdoors, and not inside an air conditioned arena! lol

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Numan was a great player and even when he retired everyone sayed he had a few good years left in him.

Wouldny be hard to play ahead of Murray either!

Half of RM younger members should be better than Murray.

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