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As a Rangers Fan why do we..........

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hes a thug and a jake

not a nice person, moans when anything goes against him

is also incredibly stupid, done know if u call it the 'mind games' a week or so ago when he slagged utd, well and hearts 4 way they played against us, so stupid its beyond belief when celtic had hearts followed by well the morn

squares up to opposition players and officials being incredibly aggressive

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I think its something todo with:

The way he speaks & what he says

The way he conducts himself

The way he acts

The way he looks and reacts to things

The way he allways plays the sympathy vote for him and for Celic

Everything else about him

Thats pretty much it!

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Im fed up reading all these pishy threads on somebody elses manager.

What happened to RANGERS FIRST ???????????????????????????????????????????

The day I hate them more than I love Rangers is the day to call it a day. Get these threads to feck. (tu)

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Coz hes got ginger hair, smells of piss and complains about fooking everything.

However...(now hiding behind a large brick wall) i did like the fact that after the Inverness game he made sure all his players went out and thanked, sorry got loads of abuse from the fans before being allowed back into the dressing room. :D

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I dislike him with a passion simply because he is who he is.

It's not because of his choice of employment, it's not because of his religion, it's not because of who he used to play for.

It's quite simply because he's a shite stirring, arrogant, provocative, trouble making, holier than thou animal.

If he was a factory worker who drank in my local pub, I'd still feel the same way about him.

PS with the greatest respect to factory workers.

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He has a proven track record of sectarianism against us, he hates everything Rangers, he is always cheated-never defeated. I reckon he is probably the most bigoted manager they have ever had, which on it's own is some achievement. His manners and conduct are not worthy of a managers post. He's a bully and a thug and I cannot find for the life of me any good points whatsoever but I may not be looking hard enough. He has brought near anarchy to the game I love due to his constant cheat slurs. Hated him as a player, despise him as a manager, abhor him as a person.

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