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River Plate vs Boca Juniors

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Would I be right in saying that Iturbe still plays for Boca? I know Porto signed him for next season, but it'd be interesting to see what type of player he is before he comes over to Europe.

Edit- ignore, just Wikiepdiad...never played for Boca- plays in Paraguay :D

Nevertheless, it'd be cool to see how Riquelme's getting on, and I've heard good things about Villalva (I KNOW he plays for River :D ).

According to Soccerway.com mate, Iturbe's team Porteno are playing some "General Caballero" mob tomorrow at 8pm - same time as the River vs. Boca match.

And now that you've reminded me of him, I have a game dilemma on my hands! :(

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I love some of these South American team names. Is there not some team in Bolivia called 'The Strongest'? :lol:

Had to wiki that, but you're right :lol:

My personal favorite is the Nigerian club "My people". Imagine that conversation?

"What team do you play for?"

"I play for my people" :lol:

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