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***The Official Rangersmedia Title Party Thread***

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As the title says everyone, we need an official party thread, and due to the overwhelming success of the takeover party thread i thought i would "Step up and Play" as the saying goes

Requests are taken, and due to young children bearing witness also to the party, the sash bash will be later when the younger bears are in their beds

First up to get us going is the clubs anthem

and the classic party anthem


the DJ set is open to everyone with access to the songs also, so get yours on the playlist for us all folks

later on we'll be having a competition, see who can play the best song that sums up the beggars campaign, winner gets a free bottle of bubbly

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ffs jim can someone post one for me as im a thick bassa

anything that cant be misinterpreted as sectarian

CAN'T be misinterpreted as sectarian

erm.......................em........................... i think i just played the only 2 :lol:

here's one for the old timers

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only for the bird on the screen capture of the video :lol:


Naw, I've associated it with The Rangers since - I think - the 8 in a row season, because of a goals montage on the telly.

She is a looker right enough.

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