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Dempsey Whyte Will Sell in 3 Years

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http://www.<No links to this website>/2011/05/27/new-rangers-owner-craig-whyte-will-sell-up-within-three-years-warns-celtic-saviour-86908-23160045/

Brian Dempsey will go down in history as the man who brought Fergus McCann to Celtic and saved the club from closure.

But Dempsey doesn't believe Craig Whyte is remotely interested in how history will judge him as Rangers' owner.

And what Dempsey reckons will happen will astound the Ibrox fans who have already watched open-mouthed as their club's chairman Alastair Johnston was sacked from the board and chief executive Martin Bain suspended.

Dempsey knows the dynamics attached to a takeover involving an Old Firm club and predicts there will be more blood-letting in the boardroom.

He forecasts Whyte will restructure and then sell the club within three years.

And he suspects Ally McCoist will be told to sell high and buy low in the transfer market.

What will happen immediately is that Whyte will establish himself as Rangers ruler and allow no dissenting voices in the corridors of power he will patrol as a one-man rule of law.

Dempsey said: "Craig must establish his authority and that means clearing out the old board.

"He said in a statement that there were people who were reluctant to embrace change at Rangers. That was the situation Fergus and I found in 1994 when the families who had traditionally controlled Celtic, the Kellys, the Whites and the Grants, had to be moved out.

"The difference is we asked our outgoing board members to give up their positions with good grace, and they agreed. There was no character assassination.

"Today at Ibrox there is, in the form of suspensions, an implied character assassination. This is not a smooth or happy takeover. Eyebrows have been raised by the manner in which Craig has gone about his business so far but he's flexing his muscles.

"My belief is he will insert the knife clinically, and deeply, a few more times before he's finished.

"It may be that his intention is to make people afraid of him because they suspect he is looking for something we don't know about them.

"Craig's intention is to put a business back on an even keel and you have to flex your muscles to make that happen. Those who are against him are only posturing at the moment because they know they'd do the same if they were in his position."

Dempsey and McCann inherited Celtic at a time when there was plenty of scope for growth within Scottish football.

The fact that a 60,000-capacity, all-seated stadium could be built and filled with season-ticket holders vouched for a far healthier environment than can be found within the game here today. And the difference is so remarkable that Dempsey is amazed the venture capitalist of Scottish birth and English location wanted to buy any SPL team.

Dempsey said: "There's been a marked decline in Scottish football and that has been accompanied by the threat of a tax liability from HMRC in Rangers' case.

"The tax situation at Ibrox baffles me.

Who is going to meet this liability if, or when, it arrives? "This is a big, black hole which threatens to turn into an abyss and there's no indication yet from the new regime of what's to be done about it.

"There are suggestions it could be a penalty that goes from anything between s25million to s70m. That's why I think it would be a fundamental error on Craig's part if he doesn't speak to the Rangers fans on this and other issues sooner rather than later."

But what would convince a businessman to take a gamble on a football club in a time of economic downturn? In order to explain Whyte's motivation, Dempsey went back to a Thursday afternoon in April, 1994 when his beloved Celtic were hours away from its darkest time.

He said: "A receiver had actually been put in place by the Bank of Scotland and he was coming in to the club at five o'clock that evening. Meanwhile, Fergus was in America. But the bank were helpful and allowed us to put a million pounds down that day and gave us six weeks to pay off the rest of Celtic's debt.

"What Craig is attempting to do is stabilise a balance sheet at Ibrox. He can do that by going to the 26,000 shareholders sooner rather than later and asking them to contribute to Rangers' regeneration.

"Point number one to be made about him is that at a time like this he'll be driven by his own ego.

"Point number two is as a businessman he'll believe he can make the club better.

"Point number three is there's scope for worldwide merchandising which, along with money from European competition, could put Rangers into a better-off position that would enable Craig to offload the club as early as 12 months from now or, at the latest, three years from now. The certainty is he won't be there for ever.

"History will judge Fergus favourably for what he did at Celtic. I think he ripped the heart and soul from the club and replaced it with a cash register.

"But there's no denying he built a fine stadium, installed good management and brought success on the field.

"He couldn't have pulled that off without Dermot Desmond's financial clout behind him and now Dermot runs the business the way he wants. Celtic have bought well and sold even better and the club operates profitably.

"The last thing Mr Whyte will be thinking about at the present time is his place in Rangers' history but he'll appreciate that if the team on the park does well the fans will have no problem with him.

"My guess is he'll meet Ally McCoist and tell him to raise money for Rangers by selling players and then monitor how he buys on the transfer market. He'll want to set a clear tone with his manager straight away."

The removal of Bain, the deal maker at Ibrox, has caused consternation on the basis he was going to be the new manager's most trusted ally on the board. But Dempsey doesn't see that development having a happy ending.

He said: "I think the chief executive deserved better treatment after the contribution he made to holding the club together through the last few, difficult years.

"But I'd be astonished if Martin came back to Rangers. There had to be a purpose behind his suspension.

"The club is being restructured and if that means Craig comes across as behaving in a dictatorial fashion then that's the way it will be. It's now all about his approach and his policies."

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Clearly the media are unhappy that under our new regime they aren't get the "exclusives" they used to. Their reaction appears to consist of getting as many people as they can to have a go at the club & Whyte.

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erm if you had bothered to scroll down and read the rest then you will see that he is talking about Dempsey being wheeled out to pontificate on the takeover and how much of what he was saying was either pish or in the 'no shit sherlock' territory.

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erm if you had bothered to scroll down and read the rest then you will see that he is talking about Dempsey being wheeled out to pontificate on the takeover and how much of what he was saying was either pish or in the 'no shit sherlock' territory.

I did scroll down and his comments on dempsey are fair enough, echo what the rest of us have said.

His criticisim of AJ is poorly thought out.

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Listening to Dempsey doh Swallowing an article done in a rhag by two taigs. doh:lol:

Craig Whyte can do what he likes as long as its not to our clubs detriment.

Read the first sentence then looked down to see who would be first to out Dempsey as a verified one of them. (tu) you've saved me the bother of reading the rest.

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I did scroll down and his comments on dempsey are fair enough, echo what the rest of us have said.

His criticisim of AJ is poorly thought out.

Maybe so but that was not my reason for posting that link, I wasn't trying to deviate away from the subject matter of the thread ;)

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also wasn't it the case we became liable for that tax bill after a recent court ruling meant a scheme we used between 1999-2003 wasn't legal.

If my memory serves me correct then how could you blame AJ for this....

That was my understanding of it too. AJ was a terrible chairman, but in some quarters he seems to have been to blame for everything bad in the history of the club.

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Who decided on approaching Dempsey for an article

What was the angle or reason for said article

Who authorised it and its contents.

What was it set out to achieve

Look beyond Dempsey and look at Keevins and his motivation for writing such shite and the Editor or Sub Editor who approved it.

A non article full of specualtion and waffle designed to portray Whyte in a negative light and scaremonger the fans.

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