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From a poster on VB:

JJB have got a 3 for 2 sale on everything atm. Just ordered 3 £44.99 each, use code FIT210FIRST to get an extra 10% off.

Works out at £27 a shirt. Only on till Monday though.

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This deal has buggered with my mind.

My boys birthday has just passed and he wanted the Rangers top but as every year, I told him he will get it for the start of the season and not before. In my mind, the top is for following your team throughout the season and the first time you wear it is the first game of the season.

Now, though, I am tempted to buy them and put them away. We would have bought the two in August, for myself and the lad, but the wife has had the last two tops too and the third on this deal would save us £45. She only goes to a couple of games per year, when I can get a ticket near our seats but it is always good to have the family in blue!

On top of that, we just spend £85 on two pairs of trainers and got a free hoody, which was £40. I love the word FREE too much!

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