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The Blue Order & Union Bears

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The Union Bears and blue order are delighted to announce that as of next season both groups will be located in BF1, and we invite all fans with desire to improve the atmosphere and further cause of th

497 iirc but there were over 100 with ST's in BF1 prior to this happening those people were contacted by RFC and told about the groups moving in. RFC offered them a transfer out of the section and the

It amazes me we can't get 1200+ in these sections given the amount of people who constantly moan about lack of atmosphere yet when the club and fans make a fantastic move, the majority of moaners will

As great as that video is, imo these types of chants have no place in British stadiums.

That's an opinion of someone stuck purely in the 20th century.

European groups have taken many of their songs from old British chants and adapted them. Absolutely nothing wrong with doing the same in reverse. It creates a fantastic atmosphere as that video proves.

Something which "British football" hasn't had for a long time. You're possibly right, maybe our shitey football game doesn't deserve chants like these. ;)

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Just popping into this thread once more to thank you guys for the superb work at Saturdays game vs Dundee Utd.

I had a guest with me and she was absolutely enthralled by the displays/singing/dancing - so much so that I felt she was being distracted from the game itself :D

Keep it up - and as an auld yin without the energy to participate - I'm loving what you do :clap:

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