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The Blue Order & Union Bears


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Have been at the St Mirren games and Dunfermline games at Ibrox the past few weeks. Thought the BO and UB have been amazing down in BF1.

It's probably been mentioned before, but..

Why not spread the guys out throughout the whole of BF1 and BF2. If they're all singing the normal fans who are in amongst them will be more likely to stand up and sing. When I was at the St Mirren game I was in BF1 just 10 seats away or so from BO + UB and the area I was sitting, nobody sang atall. Most just sat and watched the lads having a whale of a time beside us.

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Welsh103, discussions are already underway with the club about taking over BF2, no point splitting the section up. If people in BF2 were interested in singing they would have joined in by now, the quicker we take over it the better!

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