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Is Nani Over-rated

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Think he's useless, coming from a Chelsea fan though so i'm biased, don't see what he offers Man united at all, thought he is, and always has been, shite.

A Goal every 5 games this season for United, and his assists which he provided would say something else.

If he matures abit more he will develop into a very good player.

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Not all, if anything, under-rated.

Folk cream over Nasri but he got like 2 assists whereas Nani got 18 in the EPL.

He's maybe found it hard to settle to be consistent but he's super player who's very skilful and now very productive.

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you think? he may make the odd amazing run etc but he gives the ball away far to often in the premiership. but the commentators are so far up his arse its unbelievable.

Well IMO the commentators in last 2-3 months have only just caught on as to how good he is.

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The fact that he never won EPL POTY, never mind even being nominated, tells me he is very underrated.

18 assists is amazing considering Bale got 1. He and Berbatov almost carried Man Utd through the first half of the season

He doesnt always make the best decisions, but hes one of the best players in the premiership

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