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McLeish to United ?

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:lol: he got birmingham relagated so give him the man united job? :lol:

Got fuck all to do with it, it's what you do with the resources you've got down there. Well seein you cum fae neilston ! To much sleepin wae yer relatives dis this oot there ! ;):sherlock:

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Rangers and Scotland not a good CV ? Do me a fuckin favour and suck ma boaby ya tadge ! Won a Major English Cup with a shower of shite to boot. He's got it for United. :sherlock:

lol its funny your slagging me for my opinion when yours is that Mcleish is good enough for United. Just because he managed us and Scotland doesnt make him a good gaffer. I dont rate him as a manager although i think he is a top guy. To quote you "won a major english cup with a shower of shit" a shower of shit that he built unless im mistaking putting a shit team together isnt a trait of a good boss lol and had a few bob to spend as well.

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