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Scottish Referees?

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Whats your opinions on the season the Referees had?

Was they right to go on strike?

Do they deserve the pay rise, there asking for? (Since English referees are on much higher salary)

Have referees been unfairly treated?

What has this season done to Scottish referees reputation?

Did the media also play a big part in causing hassle?

(Got some report thing at college, decided to do it on this - Alot harder than a thought. Then my lecturer suggested get peoples opinions through forums etc. Not a bad idea.)

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Their all homers.

Seriously though mate i have something you could include in the report.

Ra shellick had a goal chopped off in the game the foreign ref done. They ended up drawing 2-2. Surely this proves refs and linesman no matter if they are from Scotland or Uzbekistan will make honest mistakes?

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