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Hit an iceberg and that was that.

Cunts charging about the forum on the war path   "Just sitting at the pics and these 2 are eating loudly in my ea...."   YER A LYING CUNT OF A BOY!!!! 

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1 hour ago, ALerone said:

Ron Howard is a pure craftsman

I read up on the film, about how he wanted it to be as close to what happened as possible (without becoming boring) to the point where he got a low gravity simulator for hanks, paxton and bacon to perform the space scenes in

Obviously a few things were altered for hollywood value, but they certainly didnt take away from the whole scenario, 

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5 hours ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

Bored today so stuck apollo 13 on netflix, seen it before, still a fantastic film, 

This is the helmet Lovell would have worn if he had walked on the moon, it's currently on display in a museum.

He orbited the moon twice (Apollo 8 and Apollo 13) but never got to land.


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Just now, .Williamson. said:

Haven't watched the trailer but what a daft name for what I am assuming is a horror film

It wouldn't be much of a horror film if the thing they're afraid of sat in one place and didn't follow 

I Spit On Your Grave is another cracker of a name I've seen :lol:

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7 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

Once you've seen the extended versions it's impossible to go back to the normal ones. 

This is my first foray into the theatrical releases since I watched the extended editions, I've not noticed much difference so far, but for Return of The King there are some scenes in the extended edition which are class, like the beheading of the Mouth of Sauron.

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