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Got a Norton that's prob out of date by now but when I got this new laptop 6 months ago I bought the spasky one but tbh it isn't on my laptop as everytime I go through the motions of uploading it it tells me I have to delete this or that software!

Have to unlikely to buy another one 50 sobs and it's just lying there! :disappointment:

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so many people recommend AVG including most of my mates but my experience with it was awful, totally messed up my system and had to reboot the lot.

Tend to just buy 1 that's on offer at the time, good to chip in with a few people for 1 that covers 3 different systems n save some dough

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Best protection

Avast Antivirus


Adware by Lavasoft

Spybot search and destroy

Glary utilities is also an excellent program. It does everything from registry repair, spyware, defragging everything really. Repaired 100's of pC's and laptops in my time and always reccommend these products.

The vast amount of problems I have seen with PC's are those that have Norton and AVG as thier main antivirus.

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