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Should Murray Park be renamed?

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The Sir Walter Smith Memorial Footballing Academy springs to mind but it's hardly appropriate given his lack of fielding young players.

Now I think about it, I'm coming round to the idea of sponsoring the academy.

We could get a brewery, someone like Carling. yeah that's it the Carling Acad.....Oh wait.

Maybe after our new owner - The Whyte House

Its hardly appropriate because he's still alive! Anyway it cant be named after him as during his time as manager first time around he never pushed for it, it was Advocaat who wanted it.

I would name it after the founding fathers or Struth, Murrays name should be erased.

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It is amazing how we forget everything SDM did for this club... he led us in our most succesful era... he took us on a European dream, we spent cash in a big big way and attempted to upset the footballing world... did it ultimatley fail? Yes. Did it push us to the brink? Yes. However up until the global recession the debt at this club was more than manageable and we where still sucessful.

SDM gave us one hell of a ride, full of the greatest highs and ultimate heartbreak but he always had the clubs interests at heart. The prove of that is in his actions when selling the club. He waited until the right bidder came his way NOT the right bid.

Murray Park is the park that Murray built and why be so childish as to remove it. It is a thank you and an honour bestowed upon a man who took our great club and made it greater.

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I don't like Advocaat - How about The Snowball Centre instead? :rolleyes:

I'd like to see either something like the Davie Cooper Academy or for us to seek naming rights from an appropriate company interested in youth development. Aren't Lloyds TSB a massive supporter of youth football?

Or inspired by CB - how does the Training Centre for London Based Spivs and Speculators grab anyone?

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If the Charlatan had provided the funds off his own back as part of HIS plan to improve Rangers then i wouldn't even be having this debate.

Instead he had to be forced in to it by an irate Advocaat who threatened to walk as he couldn't believe a club the size of Rangers was having to train on public parks and cricket grounds.

Murray bought the club in 1988 and was forced to build Auchenhowie in 2000 with it opening in 2001. A mere 13 years after buying the club.

Sorry but i am with CB here. Churlish....that is for others to decide but i would much rather it was named after a more fitting hero from our past rather than someone who took us to the brink of bankruptcy twice and allowed our club to be run in to the ground as he couldn't care less what happened to us.

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35 trophies, a 5 star stadium, state of the art traing complex and many world class players.

i think sdm deserves a lasting tribute at our club, no matter what ppl think about the last 3 years.

i think ppl even wanting to change it is just childish. expect better from my fellow bears

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