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Kenny Mcdowall Article


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Kenny McDowall has said that although it is a daunting task to follow in Walter Smith’s footsteps, the new management team at Ibrox know they have what it takes to mount a successful title defence.

McDowall and Ian Durrant will assist new manager Ally McCoist this season, with the trio having already spent several years under Smith’s wing. While acknowledging that the team would have questions to answer, McDowall said that they would be equal to the challenge.

“We have still to prove we can hack it,” the coach told Rangers’ official website. “We would love to do it for Walter, to prove him right and show how well he taught us over the five years.

“But it's a big challenge ahead for us. We are not naïve at all. To follow Walter Smith is daunting.

“At the end of the day, if we didn't do it then someone else would - probably someone less equipped to do that job. We are as equipped as anyone to do this job. We know the place and what we need to do to stay here.”

McDowall added that the approach to making decisions would remain the same, with the coaching team discussing selection and other matters, with only the identity of the man making the call being different.

“We all bounce off each other, which is important,” he added. "Now that Ally is the manager, he will do what Walter used to do and have the final say when we are debating teams and stuff.

“Walter was fantastic at involving us. On a Friday, we would all pick a team and then dissect it. If there was anything that Walter felt strongly about then of course that was it, it would happen.”

The coach also explained that the transition began last season, with McCoist taking steps to move away from his previous role to prepare for taking the top job.

“He started to step back a bit last season on the training pitch when he would go closer to the gaffer,” McDowall said.

“The gaffer used to take himself away from the whole thing.

“We spoke about Ally doing that because me, him, Durranty and Adam used to be right in the players' faces every day - having a good laugh and just trying to make them enjoy their work.

“Ally started to pull back a wee bit last season so it's not an issue at all. This season, he is the manager and will supervise the whole thing while we get on with it."

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Good read. Thanks for posting. (tu)

Continuity is very, very important. Just one of the reasons that Alistair will be a massive success imho.

“The gaffer used to take himself away from the whole thing.

Nice to see that Kenny still refers to Walter as 'gaffer'. (tu)

An aside.. I would love to know what was said in the meeting with McGregor and Sir Walter after the boozegate affair (article posted here the other day where Allan mentioned it as 'scary')

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