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We Have A Champion At Last In Mr Whyte

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CRAIG Whyte, the new owner of Rangers, has launched a robust fightback against the football club’s critics on sectarianism, making clear that it will “not be made the whipping boys for society’s failings”.

Ahead of next week’s meeting of the Scottish Government’s joint action group on sectarianism, chaired by First Minister Alex Salmond, Mr Whyte has tasked his friend Jack Irvine, executive chairman of Media House International, to spearhead a “more aggressive” response to Rangers’ critics within and outwith the political world.

Mr Irvine said: “What we won’t be is knocked around by knee-jerk politicians and by others across the city. We’re drawing a line in the sand. Sectarianism is a problem but not the sole problem of Rangers Football Club.”

A decision to be more assertive was made following a meeting between Mr Whyte and members of the all-party Rangers Group at Westminster, which includes chairman John Robertson, the Labour MP for Glasgow North West, Peter Robinson, the Northern Irish First Minister, Lord Wallace of Tankerness, the Advocate General, and Eleanor Laing, the Conservative backbencher. Sectarianism was high on the meeting’s agenda.

Mr Irvine, a former editor of The Scottish Sun, said Rangers’ views were clear: that it fully supported Mr Salmond and the SNP Government to rid Scottish society of bigotry and that it applauded his decision not to rush through new legislation.


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