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***The Official Motherwell vs. The Rangers Thread***

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IRA attack?

Great looking team, what most of us have been asking for. What the fuck Amac and DB want in that teamsheet, I've no fucking clue, aside from a valium the size of a fucking waltzer. Cheer up you cunts.

Clearly deluded. McMillian first time on the bench this season was Thursday night, Perry has been in the last three . If you honestly believe those two will be there when Papac, Whittaker, Broadfoot,

Correct. The "Work Permit" is issued by the Home Office but then he needs a visa issued in his passport in his home country. A 100% formality but he won't be with us until the Aberdeen game on 28 August.


If he even makes it for that, rumours are he will stay in Oz for the international game a week or two later. I cant wait to see this lad.

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Whittaker Goian Perry Wallace

Ortiz Davis Edu Naismith

Jelavic Lafferty


Whittaker & Lafferty will be 50/50 aswell so it'll probably be Broadfoot at RB (which is better than him at CB!)

But someone mentioned Hutton is injured and likewise Ness..So Fleck would probably have to be shipped in somewere if Lafferty can't start.

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If we want to see an improvement in our football , lee mcculloch must not start !

Yes , we have injury and suspension problems but I'd wager that throwing ANY of our youth players instead of lame lee would result in a better standard of football .

I can't make the game tomorrow unfortunately , but if I was there and mcculloch was starting I would be booing his every touch . Many may not like those actions but I have never felt so strongly about a player NOT playing for our club .

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Broadfoot Goian Perry Wallace

Whittaker Davis Ortiz Wylde

Naismith Jelavic

We're quite thin this week if Ness/Hutton are also injured so as much as I hate to see Whittaker back (needs must), I'd stick him in right midfield. Ditch Jig completely. Reintroduce Wylde and make him play for a contract. subs Alexander,Macmillan,Hemmings,Bendikson and Lafferty

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This will be an almighty struggle in my opinion. We are down to bare bones due to stupidity/injuries/ lack of signings in proper time.

I would not play half fit players like Lafferty and maybe Whittaker? McCulloch does not look fully fit yet either.

My team would be McGregor, Broadfoot, Goian, Perry, Wallace, Ortiz, Davis, Naismith, Wylde, Hemmings and Jelavic.

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