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Looks Like The Tims Will Be Back In Europe

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Yeah will be good for the co-efficient and at the same time see them get their hopes up for them to burn. After next season our co-efficient as it stands goes from 15th (final position you get 2 Champions League spots) in Europe to 28th (where you get 1 and have to enter in the 2nd qualifying round and first Europa team starts in June). So when people say fuck Celtic winning anything, look at the bigger picture. We need someone in Scotland to do decent to build it back up and if it has to be them so be it. They'll make a bit of money from it fair enough but not much and not enough to make the same kind of impact £17 million of transfer fee's made to their annual accounts.

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Not overly fussed about this. It's not as if they can hold that over us, only being given a path through due to a team fucking up. Means more Thursday night games, in which they will be ripped apart- works in our favour as well.

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And not one of the porkheid faithful, from Lieswell right down to that wee ugly cunt in the papers at the weekend will even have a red face if they get back in.

It's the sellick way.

To be honest, I'm more concerned about my own team at this moment in time.

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its a joke all this should have been sorted out before a ball was even kicked at the end of the day celtic are out as are we so what the fuck is the point in them taking it any further its a kick in the balls already getting knocked out by diddy teams but its red faced getting in through the back door because that diddy team got kicked out after beating them in the first place

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