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Little And Hutton Set For 6 Month Loans


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Because we think he has a future? Why else would we keep a player and then send him out on loan to see how he gets on?

Really, well there are enough 4 and 5 year deals being handed out to genuine prospects, how come he only got 1 year.

We kept him as a body in the squad and now we have a squad overflowing of not very good players, Mr Moneybags probably wants the wage bill brought down a bit.

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You do see the inconsistancy with offering a contract to a player who we don't want? Ally clearly wants him at the club for another season to see how he progresses. Loan deals are a good way to get the guy regular football to see how he gets on.

Of course I do, but when he re-signed we were short on bodies, heading to Germany and couldn't sign any players. I also know that if you kept on offering any football manager more and more players for his squad, he would keep on taking them.

The lad has been here long enough and it's clear that he hasn't got a future, otherwise he would have gotten a longer deal, like the genuine prospects did.

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