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Is. Build My Gallows A Banned Song

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I see the dam finally burst after 9 years of simmering on this point. What a bump 

Great bump. Would read again.

I never quite got why the famine song was banned . It merely raised an important question which puzzled many of us for years.

They don't really need to be banned to get rid of them.

The more Rangers fans ask if they are banned, the less you'll hear them sung, as some fans shut up just in case.

The constant asking about certain songs is doing the tarriers' work for them.

Who's wanting rid of them like? They were both sang with gusto today and it was magnificent. Fuck the PC brigade.

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Friend pulled by polis for singing it

Anyone pulled for this ask for the officers number straight away. Ask them to explain why they think its banned and which people other than IRA terrorists would find it offensive. Take the fight too them. They dont enjoy being shown up

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