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Played a few hours last night,game is incredible,the amount of detail in the it is unbelievable,and the lighting...oh the lighting,it's beautiful.

gave the mrs a shot of driving,she hates videogames,but admitted it looked amazing.she killed 3 pedestrians and got me a 2 star wanted level.a perfect example of why women shouldn't play games,or drive in real life for that matter.

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I remember the 'nineinarow' cheat from the original GTA. AFAIK, a few of the programmers were Rangers fans. Barcelona 1972 - 24/05/1972.

Also, in San Andreas there were the following number plates: 'R4N G3RS' 'GL4S G0W' 'AM0 RUS0' 'GA ZZA '

Ordered mine from Amazon. Royal mail tracker says it is at the depot ready for delivery. It better be there when I get back from uni.

Mine was like this saying it arrived at the depot today and was ready for delivery, got it about an hour ago.

Just need to get away from this work malarkey.

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Got mine in Tesco for £34.20 (staff discount)

Popped into HMV to see how much they were charging.. £46.99 lol

No wonder HMV were in administration a few months ago. They can't expect to charge what people would have paid for stuff a decade ago and still have enough business to stay open long term.

I was going to buy a DVD from HMV a few months ago purely as a spur of the moment thing and it was something like £15. that put me off and I got the same thing for £10 in Tesco a couple of days later :lol:

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I've had it since Saturday and I'm enjoying it but I'm nowhere near as hyped for it as others seem to be.

It's not even my most anticipated game this year :ph34r:

Batman !!!!!

In all honesty I think GTA's get boring quite quick (IMO) and yes there is so much to do and explore but most of it you can't be bothered to do. Only play them for races and to mess about with mates at the airport and with the online not released yet there's nothing really to make me want to go on it that bad.

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