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Time to bring back the National Anthem

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I'm guessing you're not a republican, if you don't like fascists.

The way they colluded with the Nazis during the war was deplorable. IRA scum.

Thank God we stood together for King and country.

If you mean Irish Republican-eh,no,I'm Scottish!

Do you even know what a republic is? There are hundreds of them all over the world.

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I have no love for the Royals. If the Queen was in my back garden I wouldn't get off my couch for a look out the window. Would I sing GSTQ? Would I fuck. The Royals live in extraordinary wealth paid for by us and we are their 'subjects'. Well pardon me if I think that's a shite deal. What do the Royals have in common with working class people putting in long hours and grafting to make a few quid for a wee holiday and a pint at the weekend. Fuck all that's what. Rant over, that's a no from me.

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What a pity we can't have a NA that we could all be happy with, I'm not just talking about Rangers supporters here but the country as a whole, there is nothing more stirring than being at a sporting event watching your nation compete and belting out your national anthem.

Living here in Canada it's fantastic to witness how proud Canadians are whenever any sporting event is played and the whole crowd get up and belt out their NA, same as the USA and lots of other countries around the world, gets the hairs on the back of the neck standing.

The sad thing about rangers fans singing GSTQ is that most people in Scotland would perceive it as not being patriotic but more as a GIRUY to our oirish friends across the city. and it's no use denying a lot of our support would see it as just the same.

Now don't get me wrong I've been proud to stand and sing GSTQ all my life and am proud to be loyal to the crown but unfortunately even among our own support there are those who do not want to sing GSTQ and that is their prerogative no need to call them Jacko's they're just not comfortable singing along, there just seems to be a general malaise about Scotland and having a NA that we can all get behind which I find sad.

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I have to disagree I'm afraid. I'm all for a National Anthem but not the utterly turgid GSTQ. I have not time for Royalty, The Queen and her hangers on and TBH and wish we would embrace the 21st century and rid ourselves of these non elected inbred vermin. I would like an anthem that speaks of Scotland and it's great people not some dreary affair that asks me to ask God, whom I don't believe in, to save a Monarch for some reason, that I also don't believe in.

I think your in the wrong place pal! Do you know who's portrait hangs in the Rangers dressing room? It's there for a reason.

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