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It looks like we've won a gold watch with this boy. 22 years old and already a very good player, can't believe we only technically have him until the end of the season.

I understand we've got an option to extend it by two years, is this totally on our discretion? If so, get it extended asap. Or better yet, get him tied down for even longer.

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Spoke to someone who was at the game and he said he looked good, folks will always say things like he had no club he must be rubbish blah blah blah but I always say to people (and I hate doing it) the mob across the city paid less than a million for Larson and look how he turned out, so you don't need to be playing in the best leagues in 1 off their top teams to be a good player, Ive read some people who worked with him when he was younger and they say he has bags of talents so maybe Aberdeen just wasn't his team.

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But Aberdeen let him run his contract down, he couldn't get a club, he never ever stood out against us.........so he must be shite.

Once again the so called experts on here get it completly wrong ;)

The fact that he walked out on the mutton-lovers and they'll have to watch him help us to another title just adds to the entertainment value for me. :uk:

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He still has a lot to learn, but if he applies himself, working around better players and playing infront of 50k every other week will harden him, teach him.

I'm very encouraged by his start.


Far too early to give him a contract, the lad was very good today but let's see how he performs against better opposition and over a number of games. Knee-jerk call.

Hopefully he works on his shooting. Great debut at Ibrox, lol at James Beattie's name coming up though.

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