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I am not a fan of Man City or Man United but I do not think people should hate Man City because of the money they spend.There are plenty of teams who in the past had been out spending Man City and now it is Man City's turn and they are doing it in a shorter time.There are still lots of great players out there and clubs don't always have to pay top dollar to get them.Also the English clubs have this 25 man roster thing going on so its not like City can just hoarde all the best players.

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How can you compare what City have spent with United, Liverpool or any other team with maybe the exception of Chelsea?

Why build an empire over ten years when you can afford to do it in five.

Trying to knock down anything ambitious is so typically British.

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I don't get the hatred of City. It's just jealousy.

I've a soft spot for City since my missus is a Manc and a City fan and I live down here. They are a good, honest club and tbf their owners seem more interested than the likes of Abramovich.

They are building footabll academies as well as spending millions on the local area facilities. How can this be a bad thing?

The likes of Utd have spend millions upon millions in the past on players but because they have brought through the odd one of their own people forget this. Utd are millions in debt despite only becoming as big as they are because they happened to be on top of the pile at the time when the Sky money in the EPL took off. Nothing more than good fortune. SO whats the difference?

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