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ive said this already this season man utd have been shit since they beat chelsea . they werent even great in that game either.

they have managed to grind out results but will be found out in the premier league soon enough

there midfield especially is no where near good enough and that should have been sorted in the summer

in saying that , i dont like united and are happy they are out :crabflute:

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remember before the game with basel at old trafford, basel fan asked by skysports reporter what he thought the score would be and he said a draw at old trafford and they would win in switzerland and qualify, you could see the reporter having a chuckle to himself :craphead::craphead:

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Fantastic! :lol:

Man Utd deserve to go out, they show no respect to other teams and expect to go through by playing reserve teams. If Bayern had a full team today I think they'd have beaten City too. Lahm, Neuer, Ribery, Robben, Schweinsteiger and Gmoez all out! 7 of the best players in the world.

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To think people on here were acting wax-lyrical towards them at the start of the season. Was it Amac who said they would dominate English football for seasons, might need dig up that thread. :pipe:

Yeh it was! although to be fair I may have tipped Chelsea to win the title in it :blush:

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