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Thought this question might get some debate going. (tu)

Read something similar on a United forum asking how many would get in Barcelona and Real Madrid's teams. Should have read some of the shouts, De Gea would replace Valdes, Hernandez has a shout to start for Real, loads Rio claims. Not sure why Barcelona's youth players continue to get underestimated. Likes of Bartra, Fontas, Montoya have fantastic futures and just because they haven't played often means they're shit or Smalling/Jones/Fabio etc are better.

Anybody else believe Rooney would struggle to start at Barcelona? He wouldn't be played as the striker, Messi has that false number 9 role. Thus meaning Rooney would not get to 'roam' which occurred when he play LW at United. How often does Rooney take players on or dribble with the ball? United fans regularly mention he's lost a yard of pace and doesn't offer that part anymore. That's important to the two forward roles at Barcelona, whilst running in behind and staying out wide to offer width, personally I don't think Rooney suits those two roles.

Not at all, think he would look a lot better playing alongside the worlds best players and it would bring the best out of him. I think a lot of his poor games come from his frustration of the players around him and the pressure of him having to take the world on, neither of which would apply playing for Barca.

Equally there are plenty of Barca players who wouldn't look as good playing alongside Fletcher, Park, Giggs, Welbeck....

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Wasn't really saying he would be 'useful' for them, just giving an indication of the standard of player that wouldn't be out of their depth if they had to slot into their respective position. It's one of those hypothetical questions which is difficult to answer and depends how it is interpreted.

Not much difficult about it mate.

You think Carrick is somehow good enough to grace the Barca squad yet most Man Utd fans, a team Barca tanked a few months ago, don't think he should even be in THEIR squad.

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Now Darren Fletcher has been given extended leave due to ongoing illness.

Was just on SSN,doesn't say how long he will be out for.

Fears for Fletcher as United star takes extended break for serious health reasons

'He has therefore accepted medical advice to take an extended break from the demands of training and playing in order to afford the best chance possible of achieving full remission once again.

'We request that his privacy is respected and hope that the removal of the additional stress associated with speculation regarding his health will also aid his recovery.'

Hope he recovers as soon as possible. :disappointment:

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