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Another Ballotelli story


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Balotelli is becoming kinda meh to me now. First few things he did were amusing but now its like "yeah you're different, we get it"

It's not his fault everything he does is picked up by the press. Pretty sure he's just doing all this because he's bored and is a sound guy (tu)

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This is actually one of the few stories that makes me warm a little more to him.

To be honest, I largely think he's a pillock and I just wish he'd concentrate on football and being a proper team man.

As soon as he's asked to do anything he doesn't like (e.g. the team goes down to 10 men and he has to do some of the dirty, unglamarous work) he sulks and suddenly Citeh are effectively down to 9 men.

He's also too self indulegent and flashy to be a genuinely good player.

I just wish he'd accept that he attracts negative publicity because of his own shortcomings and that if he is to fulfil his potential and become the player some people believe he can become then he must change.

This story, if true, gives me renewed hope.

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I think he's just one of the few footballer's who realises he gets paid too much, he has the cars, houses and gold watches and has nothing else he needs or wants to spend his cash on. He's not going to miss the money he's spent on this hotel stay, it wont even dent that weeks wages.

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