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McCoist's got this!


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I may be a little on the wrong side of sober, but my feeling is that McCoist has got this shit under control. He'll be learning each day, and it may be a slow progression but he'll get there. We as Rangers fans all have the mentality of a gentlemen, but don't fuck with us. McCoist is second only to Walter in the stakes of "Ultimate Ranger" and it will hurt him the most that those tarrier pig bastards are fucking with us. It won't last though, good shall triumph over evil, McCoist just needs time. Get rid of the shite, build his own team and then those new players will respect him, avoiding the issue with being too pally with some just now. It is just a shame that he must learn and build when that insipid cunt is their manager. I could just, barely, deal with osqueal or chesney lifting the SPL trophy, but not that cunt. Not him. That is McCoist's biggest problem; making sure satan himself does not lift the league trophy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW BEARS!!! :Jelavic: :burt: :notworthy: :7325::gerbad::rangers::locked::crabflute::uk::scot::5260::D:21::uk::beer1::crabflute:

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