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Playing my Laptop through TV


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I've got it all working, playing through a HDMI cable and through the TV, but I was wondering if I could get the picture sharper?

Might sound trivial but even when I'm typing right now some of the test is difficult to make out and I'd prefer to have it as clear as possible.

The resolution is as good as I'm going to get it (1680x1050) without excluding parts of the screen.

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Whenever I put the laptop through the TV the quality is brilliant. Maybe a problem with the HDMI port you're using on either end?

The overall quality is much better, FM12 runs really smooth through it, it's just typing on here or on Facebook and the text isn't very clear at all.

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How do you get it to work on your tv anyway?

I've tried it through my hdmi but failed..

Plug it in

Choose whatever input the tv i.e HDMI 3

Control panel


Display settings

Either go to display monitors and tinker with it, if not go to

Advanced settings

Click on the top tab of that box, mine is intel graphics media blah blah blah

Click graphic properties

Display devices

And then it says something like extend display onto secondary monitor.

Job done

Porn on a 37 inch tv :crywank:

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Everything's in HD now as well! I thought my Laptop screen was fine, but videos on youtube, iTunes, etc are all much sharper.

I spent most of the day playing games off the Laptop onto my screen, fucking love it.

Is there any difference to my Graphics when doing this, or does everything still run off my Graphics card anyway? I think I know the answer, but just checking :sherlock:

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