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Goram,Klos or Greegs


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Probably been debated hundreds of times on here,but being new to the page...Just wondered on peoples views on who you would consider the ''best'' number 1. :happy:

i done a thread on this few months back including woods and had a vote on it.

goram won by a country mile.

my choice is klos though. goram 2nd, woods then greegs.

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hahaha, it's boils my piss to here Mcgregor even mentioned in the same sentence as klos, woods, et al.

He is NOWHERE near any of them, make mistakes constantly in massive games far too often

I feel that way about Klos and Goram. I didnt rate Der Goalie.

I dont think you can say Shagger makes regular mistakes, thats simply not true.

Charbonnier was shite, i give you that. :)

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