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Maybe Kerkar coming on signals the kick up the arse that the players need, but when he comes on we seem to score:

vs. Aberdeen - Salim Kerkar for Lee Wallace (66) - Goal Maurice Edu (67')

vs. St. Johnstone - Salim Kerkar for Lee Wallace (80) - Goal Nikica Jelavic (81')

vs. Arbroath - Salim Kerkar for Lee Wallace (66) - Goal Salim Kerkar (77')

'MairyDilk' :lol: :lol: :clap:

But you are right, but then again, he doesn't have much to do with the goals, apart from his own obviously. Remember Bendikson came on a few times and it was the same, against Hibs I remember for sure.

Just a coincidence I think.

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When he came on, I honestly thought we would score within 5 minutes -- and we almost did. He made a difference.

Enough of the jokes about the guy.. very decent player imho. Works hard, good attitude and skillful. 00000042.gif

Agree with the posts too about Healy. Offers next to nothing. Drop him.

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A few questions for the "he's shite" crowd: have we or have we not played better every time he has come on recently? If the answer is yes, do you honestly think this is in spite of Kerkar? If yes, would you not rather we played well in spite of Kerkar than played badly without him?

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Christ, is this what we've came to?


tell me of one other sub we have that has made anywhere close to the impact that kerkar has recently?

Every time he has came on recently we have scored within minutes and the guy has a real good left foot.

Its pretty clear you do not like him, but your refusal to even give him a chance does not seem smart.

He has provided more in the few sub appearances than healy,bedoya and a couple of others combined.

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Still a joke figure and should be shown the door at the end of the season. Very average.

Our whole team are below average according to some. Ill take his average over some of the other players on the books right now.

He deserves a start IMHO.at least he is fucking trying for the jersey.

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