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***The Official Rangers v Dunfermline Thread***

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Why do you feel so good about Rangers right now? Is it because we are beating the team bottom of the SPL? Yes, its 3 points.. but FFS. Get real. We are far superior than Dunfermline so why the good fe

Well played and all that.. but its Dunfermline. We're still shite and have conceeded to this mob. The league could have been won by now but Ally's poor tactics and lack of players will probably lead u

Bartley at right back is a disaster. Papac and Wallace together never works. Neither of these decisions are Whyte/AJ/SDM's fault. They are Ally's fault.


:Bartley: :Goian::Bocanegra::Wallace:

:Davis: :McKay: :Edu: :Aluko:

:cousin: :Healy:

Thats the strongest team we have available and would leave us with the likes of Papac, McCulloch, Celik, Wylde, Bedoya and Little to come on from the bench.

If McCoist starts with Papac or Wallace in left midfield, or McCulloch starts ahead of McKay then for me its the final straw and will show that he is picking the teams purely on his little favourites.

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Broadfoot Goian Bocanegra Wallace

Aluko Davis Edu Wylde


Cousin/Healy (depending on Cousin actually signing)

I don't know but I don't like the partnership between Wallace and Papac on the left, I know Wylde hasnt been the best either but he needs a run of games playing Papac or Wallace at LM I can understand in the champions league maybe but not in the league. Mervan needs a run of games, I think he will come good but only played in the correct position.And I know broadfoot isn't the best either but I would rather see a natural right back playing the position, bartley hasn't impressed me playing there the last few weeks

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The Wallace and Papac combination is flawed from the very start given that we are asking two full backs to attack the opposition. Neither have searing pace and neither have the skills required to get past good defenders. Papac is also reluctant to overlap on the outside so for me it has to be a full back and a wide player.

Now if the Cousin deal has went through on time then to me the obvious solution is to put Aluko out on the left and get him putting in crosses for Cousin. Now it stands to reason that if he plays on the left then he is going to deliver better and more accurate crosses.

On the right is the problem. Celik was woeful last week and in all honesty doesn't deserve to start on the right which means you are limited to Bedoya or Wylde. And the latter isn't really an option as he was also poor on the right.

And that for me is probably why McCoist will continue with Papac/Wallace on the left and Aluko on the right.

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Please no papac and wallace on the left , and please no bartley at right back . As much as I dont rate broadfoot I think he understands and can play the position better than bartley . Mervan was awful last week but i'd like to see what he can do with more training with his new teamates and a more central role supporting a striker .If cousins here in time then id hope to see him come off the bench for last 15-20 mins and bully the tired defence .






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heres what i would play. it goes against everything i think but i would bring big lee back in. maybe letting lee sit in midfield will let both edu and davis get forward and support the loan striker.






big lee






i think the above is our strongest line up. i see alot of ppl have wylde in there starting 11 but for me he is the worst ive seen playing for us in a good few years. sadly the boy has nothing but pace that he doesnt even know how to use.

i know celik was stinking in the last game but i would still start him. he needs games and hopefully the more he plays the quicker we will see the player we all hope he is.

i dont think cousin will be signed and cleared in time to play so healy must start.

if we start the match at a good tempo and are up for it i would epect atleast a 3-0 win.

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I still think Lee wouldn't do a bad shift up next to Healy. Healy looks lost when on his own or with a play playing just off him. We all know we hoof alot more balls up now, and constantly against United it happened, and no one was there. Go back to the "big man / wee man" for a game and see how it goes!

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I was impressed by our performance in the spl and then we went in the scottish cup

the total opposite from good to bad.

Someone put a post about the uefa cup final game and from that scale to where we are now is unreal.

Tomorrow we are playing David Healy up front - what is annoying me is that if we can get daniel Cousin back

what about Nacho Novo back at this club to get him out from Spain and back to help his pal ally..

Would like to see in time Kane Hemmings get his chance when fit as in pre season he looked impressive .

Dunfermline we have to win and the three points not the performance is all that counts

in our present circumstances.

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There's football tommorow? Thought we were out of business?

In all seriousness I've tried to forget about this, really need a vast improvement if we're going to get all three points. Hope we scrap the Wallace/Papac left side partnership and try and feed the ball to the likes of Aluko more often rather than punting it aimlessly. We really can't afford another fuck up.

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