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the adminastrators, our history

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If we are a new club with no history why would we receive points deduction in the forthcoming seasons? If Rangers go out of business and, for arguments sake, Wick Academy applied to enter the SPL and were accepted would they receive a point deduction? No, they would be an entirely new club entering the SPL and have no reason to receive punishment. Rangers 2012 (or whatever the name) would receive the punishment because of the actions of the Rangers (as we know it now) therefore they are inextricably linked.

If we are to receive punishment then we must be considered to be the same football club, simply a different company. Unless they are really saying we are going to punish this brand new club for the actions of the previous member club although the clubs have absolutely no association with each other and no shared history...utter nonsense!

As far as I know it was Celtic Football & Athletic Company Ltd that won European Cup in 1967. This company stopped trading in 1994.

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is there anyway that we(the support) can in the worst case scenario demand that if someone is going to buy or assets ect and do the "pheonix club" that our history must be part of the package.

i for one cant bear the thought that all our titles/cups ect are lost and a new rangers starts from scratch. i also have my doubts how i would feel to such a club, espcially without our history.

this is a serious question i am asking so none a the usual shite

Just lifted this from Leeds Utds club site

A complete record of United's honours at home and abroad...



1968-69 First Division champions

1973-74 First Division champions

1991-92 First Division champions

1964-65 First Division runners-up

1965-66 First Division runners-up

1969-70 First Division runners-up

1970-71 First Division runners-up

1971-72 First Division runners-up


1923-24 Second Division champions

1963-64 Second Division champions

1989-90 Second Division champions

1927-28 Second Division runners-up

1931-32 Second Division runners-up

1955-56 Second Division runners-up

2009-10 League One runners-up



1972 FA Cup winners

1965 FA Cup finalists

1970 FA Cup finalists

1973 FA Cup finalists



1968 Football League Cup winners

1996 Football League Cup finalists



1969 FA Charity Shield winners

1974 FA Charity Shield runners-up

1992 FA Charity Shield winners



1993 FA Youth Cup winners

1997 FA Youth Cup winners



1974-75 European Cup finalists

1969-70 European Cup semi finalists

1992-93 European Cup second round



2000-01 Champions League semi finalists



1972-73 European Cup-Winners Cup finalists



1967-68 European Fairs Cup winners

1970-71 European Fairs Cup winners

1966-67 European Fairs Cup finalists

1965-66 European Fairs Cup semi finalists

1968-69 European Fairs Cup quarter finalists

1971-72 UEFA Cup first round

1973-74 UEFA Cup third round

1979-80 UEFA Cup second round

1995-96 UEFA Cup second round

1998-99 UEFA Cup second round

1999-00 UEFA Cup semi finalists

2001-02 UEFA Cup third round

2002-03 UEFA Cup third round



1920-24 Second Division

1924-27 First Division

1927-28 Second Division

1928-31 First Division

1931-32 Second Division

1932-47 First Division

1947-56 Second Division

1956-60 First Division

1960-64 Second Division

1964-82 First Division

1982-90 Second Division

1990-92 First Division

1992-2004 FA Premier League

2004-07 Championship

2007-10 League One

2010- Championship

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Why did Fiorentina not lose their history? They had to start from scratch.

Celtic plc is a new legal entity from celtic Football and Athletic Club...what's the difference?

Fact: Phoenix company is a new legal entity.

I don't know what happened with Celtic and Fiorentina.

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Fact: Phoenix company is a new legal entity.

I don't know what happened with Celtic and Fiorentina.

OK, let's ignore Celtic and Fiorentina.

It may well be a new legal entity, but does this mean it is a separate football club. IF this is taken to mean a club entirely separate from the current Rangers Football Club, how can it possibly face sanctions and penalty points in relation to the actions of the current Rangers Football Club?

The underlying logic to this is, those who are anti-Rangers want to banish all the successes from the history of Rangers Football Club, whilst at the same time using the failures from the history of Rangers Football Club to enforce a punishment on any new Rangers Football Club. It is complete nonsense.

Think along this lines; I (nelsonRFC82) commit a crime and the CPS want to prosecute me. I decide to do a runner. You (Jadams) move in to my house and, for whatever reason, decide to legally change your name to "nelsonRFC82 v2". There is no other connection between the two of us, other than you now have a similar name to mine and live at my former address, the CPS decide they are going to punish you now because they can't find me. This would be absurd.

If however, in the above scenario, rather than you moving in to my house, I, after returning from my hideaway, decide to move back in to my former house and live my normal life again only having legally changed my name to nelsonRFC82 v2, the CPS would be straight in to prosecute me for my previous crime.

A stupid scenario I know, but this is very fucking similar in logic to what is being suggested here!

nb- I have used you, Jadams, merely to illustrate my point not trying to say you are supporting the point being put out by any of those of the "corinthian spirit".

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