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Are you a whyte fan?


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I dont want to not be behind the owner of our club but the evidence coming out against him is fair stacking up. I hope there is a reason for all his lies and i guess i still hope he has our clubs best interests at heart but i also accept it really does not look that way. I dont hold administration against him, but i do hate the fact he didnt pay our tax bills, he sold the Arsenal shares and done that deal with ticketus. I dont agree with any of those three things he done. One thing i do agree with him on is the big tax case, we need that finished with one way or another, no appeals, no more delays, just get the verdict and move on. Please.

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IF it turns out that this has all been an act of genius/masterclass in business manipulation leaving Rangers in a strong and healthy position then I will happily eat humble pie and welcome him back.

However, for now, he can get to fuck.

Have to agree with the above and dearly hope Whyte knows exactly what he is doing, but my honest opinion and my heart tells me this little bastard deliberately paid no tax the last year therefore forcing administration and possibly liquidation, we have never had any problems paying our normal PAYE contribution until Whyte took over are we honestly saying that in the last 12 months our income has fallen so low that we could not keep up with these mandatory payments which have been being made for years??? despite lowering the wage bill, selling our best players etc. I wish I could predict the future but all his pish about this being the end of uncertainty is utter bollocks theres never been more uncertainty surrounding us than since this litte rats shady dealings were brought to light.

Can hardly bring myself to get out of bed to go to work these days wondering what fucking embarrassment I'm going to face at the hands of some of my Potato Dome frequenting colleagues.

For now Whyte can GTF, gladly be proved wrong.

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I believed he had some masterplan but when he admitted he lied about ticketus money he then lost my support. Now my lack of trust in the guy has now turned into pure hatred and it gets worse everyday with every story!! He should really shut the fuck up now, like today on SSN, because nobody believes a word he says.

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