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top 3 forgoten goals

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Lee McCulloch scored an absolute belter against Falkirk a few seasons ago on the opening day. Also Novo's goal in the defeat to Seville was a stunner and the only part of that night not blocked from my memory :lol:

I remember that, what a goal that was.

And against Aberdeen, with this:

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I thought it was clear what you were getting at, goals not remembered for being winners or having huge significance but always stick in your head?

Mine would be the Wallace goal from the same OF game you have mentioned (it was a 2-2 NY game aye?). Remember the goal for Amato's outrageous skill to leave two defenders mesmerised.

Amoruso's goal away to the sheep. I chose that one because I actually watched it in Aberdeen and my "mates" decided it would be good idea to go to a "great bar" to watch the game; which turned out to be The Pittodrie Bar. Obviously packed with sheep and atmosphere was venomous. When goal went I had to sit with my head in my hands (as if upset) but really doing my best to stifle a mixture of celebration and urge to laugh at the cunts in there!

Lastly Gazza against Steaua in CL. Think finished 1-1, and more or less a dead rubber after a poor CL campaign. But was a cracking goal similar to the mazy dribble he scored against the sheep for 8IAR.

Sum1 gets it thanx m8 wee walace goal was dynamite2 that was 1of my fav old firm games (for a draw) n was big amos goal the 1 the game got stopd durn it coz the sheepscum invadn the park n punchd a pensioner . Fkn h8 them

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konterman v celtic CIS

Amoruso v aberdeen 2004

Van bronckhorst v galatasaray

Does anyone remember john grieg 30+ yard free kick I think it was against motherwell in 70s. Ball was in back of net and goalie was still prancing about on line. Everybody turned round and looked at john with a WTF look but nobody looked more surprised than grieg himself. Was so funny.


The Amaruso one sticks out for me.

Its a goal not mentioned often on here really.

I would actually consider it maybe the best goal ive seen.

Especially when you consider the hostility of the game and how he turned onto his weaker foot and hit a shot that hard from 25/30 yards .

Was one of them WOW moments.

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