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Charlie Adam is all heart

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Treated like shit by the fans and sold by the club. Why should he care?

true lost a lot of good players because of these type of fans to be fair tho i wasnt realy a big fan of charlie i never booed him or shouted abuse at him either.

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Charlie Adam is a fat arsed cunt who thinks he's a superstar and always has. But in reality he is an ungrateful prick who deserve fuck all.

What about all the staff behind the scenes that helped look after him who are about to lose their jobs?

I used to feel sorry him because of the abuse he got at Ibrox but now I think he deserves everything he got. Hope Liverpool fans turn on him cause he looks out of place in their team.

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Tbf, he did get dog's abuse while here so I can understand if he has some bad feelings about it. Still, the lack of sympathy for Coisty and those behind the scenes (at the very least) is pretty damned heartless and shows a complete lack of class.

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who said he was a rangers man anyway...is he not a dundee fan? treated like shit by club and fans, not suprised hes a wee bit bitter

He certainly is a Dundee fan.He donated money to them last year but the point is surely he has some friends at Ibrox who are threatened with losing their jobs.Even if he wasnt sincere he could have acted with more dignity.

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Yip and none as bad as the rear of the East Enclosure they gave the guy pelters week in week out. The guy used to link the midfield to the strikers and we`ve had no one to do this since he was told to clear his locker.

I must have dreamt there was a guy called Steven Naismith doing that job superbly last season and the start of this one.

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Didn't think he said too much wrong , think his point was we don't need his pity or anything , my recollection of his interview was "it doesn't matter what I say (gd or bad) what happens , happens , my thoughts on it dnt really matter "

Yes that's what i took from it.

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He said nothing wrong in the interview, only that his thoughts couldn't change what was happening. It's little wonder if he's bitter though, he was constantly asked to play out of position and given so much abuse when doing so that his family and friends had to stop going to Ibrox.

Since moving to England he's shown what he could have been for Rangers if he'd been played in the centre of midfield, which is a sight better than any other midfielder we've had in the last few years.

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Common people, nobody respected him when he was here, he owes us little. I remember watching blue heaven when he signed as a pro for us and the boys smile and the pride in his parents faces was lovely to see...u can tell then he clearly did care.

Fast forward a couple of years and he’s been booed, slagged off about his weight and unfortunate looks by his own fans, dropped when actually in a decent run of form, randomly loaned out when to be fair we could have done with him whilst away and finally forced to leave when he didn’t want to go.

A defining moment I remember is when he done wonderfully to win a penalty against the taigs and Barry Ferguson, he’s mate and captain took the ball off him to give to a player who could barely stand on 2 feet at the time...nobody trusted him, nobody respected him, nobody gave him a proper chance

Yours Truly

Charlie Adam’s bum’boy :)

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