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additional shirt sponsorship?

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i'm unsure of the specific contract we have with Tennent's (e.g did we agreed to have them as our sole sponsor or are we allowed more than one?), but does anyone think it would be feasible to add an additional sponsor to our shirt?

personally i'd love to see the telecoms firm Orange logo somewhere on our strip, probably on the back.


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A bit like the Frogs do. The strips look shite but they have around 8 sponsors on them

yea' that would be the main issue...the shirts might look slightly naff which nobody would want. saying that i'd rather see an additional sponsor on the jersey than e.g renaming ibrox for sponsorship money.

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I wish Rangers would break away from joint sponsorship with them fenian bastards. Celtic are for sticking the boot into us just now while we are down. Them fenian bastards should just keep their mouths shut and look after their own club. Rangers should take fuck all to do with these taigy bastards when we get on our feet again.

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Most SPL clubs have a different shirt sponsor on the back of their tops?

Could rangers not have this now for more income?

Not without the agreement of and a similar deal in place with Celtic it would seem. We seem to be stuck in a bubble with them, wish we could drag them into admin with us!

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I'd be in favour of this due to our current plight. Nomally I would be against things like this and selling naming rights of Ibrox but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I would imagine it is aginst SPL rules as you would think someone would have tried this already as a means of extra income

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