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Every Gers player has to stand up and tell the club to get stuffed

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Of course he would say no........he'd always be looking over the shoulder for the men with baseball bats chasing him for not paying his gambling debts!!

Thank FUCK none of our players seem to have the same mentality as that idiot has. Obviously in love with himself too much to care about any club.

Fuck off Hartson.....arsehole of a man!!

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I listened to that bitter and twisted sicko on talksport say he wanted the Wales job .And didnt want to work with the assistant coach.

A man away above his station for only one deranged reason .He is an arrogant tit.

Another one added to the list .

What right have you Hartson of writing about our Club?None.

Gobby Twat.

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Every Gers player has to make the decision for themselves they do not need to accept pay cuts but they may have to find another club instead.The players should do what is right for themselves and Rangers and if they can afford a wage cut to help then great.I have sympathy for what is happening and I hope there are no or very few losing their jobs.The players have no obligation to take a wage cut but I think a fair few that care for us will do so.John Hartson obviously would not take a wage cut but not all players are mercenaries like him.

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:wanker: tlb on ssn there ,when asked about Supers position regarding the possibility of working for nil till the end of season , tlb says " I got bills to pay and kids to feed " although he did say later he need to see if it did happen at the time , imo ,even saying it tongue n cheek shows him up for what he is :wanker:
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Why are the f33nians so interested in our business?

Mind your own business hartson, this has got fuck all to do with u.

Spot on MarkyBear. Just can't help themselves. Sad -- but predictable.

Tell you what... 50,000 Bears tomorrow. Singing and showing We Are The People --- and the best supporters in the world.


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