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Withey Resigns From Collyer Bristow.


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The plot thickens. :sherlock:

Gary Withey, lawyer quits his job at Collyer Bristow


Rangers FC company secretary Gary Withey has left Collyer Bristow for “family and personal reasons”, the firm has confirmed.

Withey, a partner at the firm, had become embroiled in the Glasgow football club’s administration, after advising businessman Craig Whyte on his takeover of the club last year.

Collyer Bristow has confirmed that Withey left the partnership and the firm on 1 March and that the firm does not know of his whereabouts.

“We’ve been in contact with him and he is no longer a partner of the firm,” a Collyer Bristow spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that the firm has been in e-mail contact with Withey for the past 10 days, but had not made any attempts to trace his location using his IP address.

It is understood that Withey did not attend a meeting on 29 February, the day before his membership of the firm ended.

Meanwhile, Taylor Wessing restructuring partner Nick Benson and Mark Phillips QC and Daniel Bayfield at South Square Chambers have won roles for Rangers’ administrators, Paul Clark and David Whitehouse at Duff & Phelps, on a successful application to the High Court to transfer £3.6m in client money from Collyer Bristow to Taylor Wessing.

Duff & Phelps said in a statement: “We can confirm that following the court hearing Collyer Bristow paid approximately £3.6m to our lawyers, Taylor Wessing, to be held securely by Taylor Wessing until the High Court decides whether or not it is the club’s money.

“Collyer Bristow will also disclose to Taylor Wessing details of the payments of funds out of their account on behalf of the club since May 2011. The High Court in London will hear further representations on the administrators’ claim to the money and our request for further information from Collyer Bristow on 8 March 2012.”

Duff & Phelps has already hired Scottish firm Biggart Baillie as legal advisers on the administration (15 February 2012).

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Him and Whyte are lovers in hiding.

Anyone explain what this could actually mean to the club/administration process?

My guess is that it'll make it take even longer, trying to track down his whereabouts to get answers from him.

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Missing money, dodgy chairman, dead lawyer, advisors quitting.

Sounds like a good episode of CSI.

Here's hoping it becomes a bit more like Law & Order: SVU - Craig Whyte gets raped in the jail, the guy who raped him gets away scot-free and, for no reason whatsoever, Ice 'muthafuckin' T shows up. Good times

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In hiding with Whyte, pricks.

I read in the papers that Whyte was at Castle Grant at the weekend.

This whole imbroglio looks to be heading for the Hollywood treatment ... it's an endlessly fascinating story.

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Is this not old news?

No it isn't old news. I complained to Collyer Bristow about Withey's involvement and also complained to the SRA. As a shareholder, I complained that Withey did not act in the best interests of ALL shareholders and other matters. I believe other shareholders also complained. Looks like he has "done a runner". Definitely something amiss with his input in RFC dealings. Whatever it is, there should be some form of legal enquiry. I think I'll maybe contact the FSA and Law Society about his involvement. Maybe looks a bit better for the £3.6m coming to the administrators.

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From what we assumed were dodgy deals, it's looking more and more likely that something illegal has taken place.

The only problem with getting the law involved is that it drags it's feet, although it would be karma if Whyte got fuck all and a spell in jail,.

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As TBK says, CB are distancing themselves from Withey as they must know something very dodgy has gone on.

He has got into cahoots with Whyte to make a fast buck and it's all gone Pete Tong.

I'm fairly willing to bet his name comes up somewhere in the Pritchards stockbrokers case as well.

I reckon this finally proves Whyte is crooked beyond all doubt.

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