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ok im trying to figure out what a debt free rangers would be worth.

if we get a good cva and deal with hmrc then the club is going to be debt free. after that you sort out the wage bill and club expenses and make sure that we operate at around 30mil per season. so we fund ourself and with euro involvement and winning the lge and cups we would turn over a very nice profit.

so what would a rangers in the above state be worth? my opinion would be upwards from 50million.

so if the prospective buyers of our club can get us for between 20-30 million there is a very nice profit to be made.

what do you think an above rangers would be worth?

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I've no idea bud. As long as we are run properly I'll be happy.

me aswell m8

just we hear so often the why would ppl buy rangers in this position.

where as my thoughts are, if you had the money why wouldnt you. obviously a cva and deal with hmrc would be needed but if the admin are correct these things dont look to be as big a problem as the mhedia would of have us believed

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im not that bothered, as i believe someone looking to make a profit would run the club well and make sure we became self-sufficient.

Aye that's a fair point! I'd just worry about who came in after, as they clearly wouldn't take any time to see who they were selling to, it would just be the highest bidder!

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The club won't be debt free. There will still be some debt about, but hopefully sub £10m

A new buyer will have to upgrade the team quite drastically, so hopefully they'll bring a good wedge for that, without us needing more debt.

The recovery will be quite slow but steady I reckon, as long as it happens and we make the 2014 CL final.

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