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SALE SHARKS owner Brian Kennedy has confirmed he will bid to buy Rangers this week because he couldn’t live with himself if the Ibrox giants were to go to the wall.

The Scottish-born businessman, who bought his AVIVA Premiership rugby union side more than a decade ago, told Express Sport that he will make an offer because he isn’t prepared to let the Ibrox giants die.

Kennedy is prepared to walk away if there are other offers on table but he will be there to pick up the pieces if the administrators, Duff and Phelps, believe he is the best option for the long-term future of Rangers.

Kennedy said: “I will make an offer to buy Rangers before Friday.

“My position is that if there is no better deal on the table to safeguard Rangers then I will gladly do a deal to buy the club, if there is a better offer than I will gladly walk away. For me, Rangers are a fantastic club with a great history.

“If I have the ability to stop it from going to the wall and disappearing then I will use all my powers to do that.

"If somebody has something else that is better than what I can offer then I will gladly step-a-side. That has always been my position.

"I see myself as a back drop to stop Rangers going into extinction. “I am not in it for money or personal game, for me, it is almost like a social responsibility I have to the people of Scotland and the country of my birth.”

Former Rangers director Paul Murray is also leading a rival bid under the title of the Blue Knights, with Dave King and creditors Ticketus, while there is also thought to be strong interest in buying the club from America and the Middle-east.

Kennedy has already stated that when he bids for the club it will be all or nothing and he won’t be getting involved in any other consortiums adding : “What is right for Rangers is right for me,” If the administrators feel that Paul Murray takes over then I will walk away and give him all the support he needs.

“When you run a business you need direction and focus. A camel is a horse designed by committee and I am not into committees or consortiums.

“If it works for these guys and they have focus then I would be absolutely delighted, if not I will be there to pick up the pieces for the administrators and to preserve such a great club, that is genuinely where I am coming from.”

Murray, who could be banned from returning to Ibrox as a director, has already confirmed his offer is condition to the club winning the big tax case, which could see them hit with a bill of up to £75 million.

Kennedy has admitted that he has no worries about the big tax and it won’t have impact on his offer.

“I have no issues with that,” he insisted. “With a CVA you completely insulated from that, so that is not an issue for me. “The biggest issue is what is right for the club going forward and this great institution for its future. It is one of the top football clubs in Europe and it is an integral part of Scottish life, which is where I am from.”

Kennedy previously tried to buy his boyhood heroes Hibs and has previously been in charge of English minnows Stockport County. He admitted that he has made his move for Rangers because his wife’s family are all big supporters.

He added: “I am a Hibs fan.

"I went to Tynecastle School in Edinburgh, that is why I have had so many broken noses because I decided to be a Hibs fan.

"I then went on to spent most of my teenage years in Glasgow and I also married a girl from Priesthill and her family are all Rangers mad.

"I went to loads of games and I spent a lot of my teenage years at Ibrox.

“So there is the connection.”

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At least he has got the mrs to answer to if he fucked us over!

In all seriousness, If as he says his wife is a bear along with her family then I can understand why he would do.

I don't know if it would be the right path for us though. We need at least part fan ownership b4 next season no matter who buys us.

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He has the expertise and the money so he's fine in my books. I don't like the idea of a committee, too many heads banging together and to whole point of a committee is because not one of them has the money outright to buy us. That makes me worry about future investment.

This guy knows how to run a successful sports business so i'd trust him much more than i would the Blue Knights.

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Tbh people saying that they would rather a Rangers man, its more important we have a business man in first and foremost who will run us properly

Agree with this. Like it or not, we need to be run more as a business and not living outside our means. But then we also need to expand our income base if thats even possible. If it came to a choice between the so called Blue Knights and this Kennedy guy, I'd personally come down just about on Kennedy's side if only because he would be a totally fresh face and that might just be what we need. His big problem might be acceptance from the wider support, but at least he's been honest in declaring himself a Hibs fan.

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Tbh people saying that they would rather a Rangers man, its more important we have a business man in first and foremost who will run us properly

That's my thoughts also, THIS time has to be business head first, heart/football head 2nd, dare I say it we need to take a leaf out the tim book when it comes to our finances.

Although Kennedys past isn't without is smudges, I'm sure he's liquidated his glazing company iirc a few times

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