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another great bear taken too early

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been away from browsing the last few days ( as you could understand),

Sitting now looking through these post's have dried the tears and made me smile for the first time in a few days.

If i am honest the last 2 days have been a blur and rangers have been right at the back of my mind, But now i feel comfort in that all that can be arranged for his final movements to his resting place are arranged i feel that i can settle in for the weekend and do with my brother what he would wish us to do.

come sunday i will be ariving at his house as normal and settling down to watch the game (as in his later times we did) watch it on his T.V and hopefully by 2' o'clock we can have that smile on our face. Will be the first "auld firm game" in a long time that we will not be partaking in a few "shandy's".

After the weekend we will be laying him to his final resting place with his mum and dad as he wished but i know for sure that he would want us to settle and watch this game and have great belief that Bro. Richard wil be looking out for the great and mighty, (and if reincarnition was as quick as this shiitin on tha wee cunt lemmon from a graeat height LOL).

thanks again for the thoughtfull words as they have brought great joy to me and keep me believing that WE ARE THE PEOPLE and WE DON'T DO WALKING AWAY!!!!!!

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Just remember as long as you are here he will be here ... I'm convinced this is why we have children. If I'm doing jobs around the house a lot of the tools I use are his and I find myself saying things that he used to say ... the words are out before I've even thought of them and it's as if someone else has said them :happy:

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